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Fire Sprinkler

Hotel, Home or Factory Fire Sprinkler

Home or Hotel fire sprinklers work very quickly, and speed during a fire is important! They can keep a fire smaller longer giving people more time to escape to safety. Residential sprinklers put out 90% of fires in the home before the fire department is able to arrive at the scene. This prevents the fire from spreading to other areas of the home, thus preventing further damage and protecting people inside from harm.

Hotel Fire Sprinklers and Safety
Most Hotels today require some sort of fire sprinkler system.

Fire Sprinkler Water DamageA fire sprinkler system comprises a number of sprinkler heads, set either in the ceiling or high on the wall, and attached to pipework usually connected to the  water supply and an alarm system.

Sprinkler heads contains a mechanism which is sensitive to heat and which, at a predetermined temperature (usually 68° C), releases a plug allowing water to escape. The flow of water in the system triggers an audio-visual alarm which can be heard both inside and out. The water is directed onto a diffuser which is designed to not only break up the water into droplets of a specific size, it also directs the spray to cover a specific floor and wall area. Each sprinkler head is individually and directly activated by the heat from the fire. In the majority of fires just one sprinkler head is triggered and that is sufficient to deal with the fire. Residential or commercial fire sprinkler heads are rated as quick response heads and it is this speed of reaction that gives the system its ability to deal with fires when they are small and more
easily controllable. When compared to other fire detection equipment the advantage this speed of reaction creates is multiplied by the fact that the sprinkler system is actually starting to control the fire at about the same point in time as a call would normally be made to the Fire or Police Department. Time is a vital factor in dealing with fires.

The most important item if a fire sprinkler goes off in a store,  factory,Los Angeles Fire Sprinkler hotel or a house is to get out quickly. A fire can cause additional damage and burn down a room within minutes.

Call us for your fire water damage and fire sprinkler clean up. We will issue an immediate response and will start the clean up immediately. It is important to start the clean up as soon as possible to minimize further damage left by the fire sprinklers and the fire department. Even a small fire can leave a great deal of damage. Including soot, smoke and odor.

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Fire Sprinkler

In general sprinklers reduce damage by at least 80%. It for these reasons that we say that fire sprinklers are without doubt the most effective and reliable safety equipment yet invented.