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Fire Damage Los Angeles, Fire Sprinkler

service_guy2Fire Damage or fire sprinkler damage is a major headache and a huge burden. Hopefully between the fire sprinklers and the fire department everyone is safe and sound. If your commercial building, hotel or residence suffered a fire damage, give our restoration company a call. We have the fastest response and the latest equipment in theChino Hills area.

Try to hire a professional fire restoration technician as soon as possible. If hiring a clean up crew isn’t possible after your home or business has sustained seriousFire Sprinkler Water Damage burn, smoke and water damage or flood due to a fire, you can do the job yourself with the right supplies, equipment and method. Use the tips in this article to begin the process of getting rid of damaged goods, drying and cleaning what can be salvaged. You must be certain that you can reuse some of the property again after thorough restoration and drying.c

  • Get clearance from fire department officials. If severe amounts of damage have occurred, the building may not be structurally safe for anyone to enter the premises until the building material is checked. If fire department haven’t done so, contact local utility companies and make sure the power if off, especially gas and electrical.
  • Wear a  hat or a cap, face mask, gloves and old overalls when entering the building once you have an okay to  access the damage. Make sure you have a camera so you can document everything.
  • Remove valuables and other salvageable items from the building like curtains or sofas. Rip up carpet and padding and through it out. Verify shut-offs at gas/water/electricity junctions. Have a waste hauling company deliver a dumpster to your home or building so you can remove the  charred and water-logged items and have everything hauled away when you’re done.
  • Rent professional-grade vacuums or hire a restoration company designed specifically for large-scale water flood removal jobs to absorb and contain water left by firefighters. Water left behind in carpet and walls will lead to mold and mildew if left untreated.
  • Use professional-grade drying fans to dry out surfaces once the water is removed.
  • You will probably need to rent a few dehumidifiers and air scrubber to get ridh of the odor and the water condensation.
  • Due the strong odor start washing down walls, ceiling and salvageable interior items with commercial cleaners formulated specifically for fire/water restorations. Follow up with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents to rid surfaces of potential microbes and preserve them for reconstruction.