Water Damage Restoration Los Angeles



The service was prompts and the prices upfront!


In any of these cases, water damage from whatever source can be one of the worst things to happen to your home; it can cause problems with multiple surfaces, force the replacement of drywall as well as the flooring and whatever floor cover you may use - and there are issues of mold and mildew as well as insulation, depending on exactly where the damage occurred and what caused it. Call the best Company around-West Coast Restoration-5 star in my book.


Amazing service. Workers were very professional. We had an entire house flooded with furniture that we were able to salvage.


We had quite bad water damage through-out our home recently, so, I called Water Damage Los Angeles. We had 2 gentlemen turn up from the company within 30 minutes of calling. They were professional and friendly. They were able to get our house dried out in no time at all. Very reasonable pricing too. 5 star service.


We had an excellent experience with Water Damage Los Angeles. I had a flood issue under my house after a sump pump failed and left half a foot of water under the house. My cousin referred me to Water Damage Los Angeles. They came quickly and they advised me on all available options. After I decided to move forward, the technician, John, worked quickly and carefully clearing the flood and testing the sump pumps. He was safety minded, certified, and very professional. I would use this company's services again and would happily recommend them.


I had an emergency and was stuck with a flooded office. 3,000sqr ft. and 2 floors flooded. Wasn't sure who to call at 1:00 am. Within one hour, maybe less the crew was out and saved the day. Sam and Ernesto helped out with moving. 5 stars is not enough!!! I will call again and highly recommend! Ask for Sam, Ivan or Ernesto